When your last game was set on the moon, the only logical step is to go to a step further.  That seems to be the logic that the director Kotaro Uchikoshi had when he revealed the next game in the mind-bending Zero Escape series. In the most recent anime expo he featured in a panel where he revealed details about the game set for the PS Vita and 3DS in 2016.

Perhaps the most shocking is the primary visual that features two characters, seen above. Most notable is that it’s featuring a photorealistic style rather than the very ‘anime’ style the previous two games have received. Perhaps it signifies an even more serious tone that the game is taking, or it may be another game attempting to appeal to a Western audience by adopting the style of Western games.

The game is still in early development with the plot taking place on a test site studying the viability of living on everyone’s favorite red planet named after the Roman God of War. Oh and there will also be a dog, because why not.


Jerry Hrechka
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