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Akame ga Kill! 1st Limited Edition Box Set Revealed

Akame ga Kill! - Limited Edition Box Set

Sentai Filmworks recently revealed the first of 2 Limited Edition Box Sets for Akame ga Kill!  The box set is filled with many extras that are sure to satisfy anime collectors and fans of Akame ga Kill! alike. Get ready to go on an adventure with Night Raid again. Here is what you can look forward to in this Box Set.

First off the Blu-ray/DVD set comes wrapped in a heavy chipboard outer box with artwork on both sides of the box. There is also artwork on the spine of the box and when put next to the 2nd Limited Edition Box it creates a full artwork, so be sure to purchase the 2nd Box Set as well to complete the collection and the artwork. You can check out the Chipboard Box below.

Akame ga Kill! - Chipboard Box

Next is the actual media Akame ga Kill! will be stored on. Akame ga Kill! will be offered on both Blu-ray and DVD for this Box Set. Episodes 1-12 will be stored on DVD and Blu-ray and all episodes will be uncut and uncensored so you’ll be able to see able to rewatch Akame ga Kill! in all its bloody glory in HD. Each disc in the set will have its own artwork and each disc features a member of Night Raid. The Blu-ray/DVD release also comes with nice extras such as:

Akame ga Kill! Theater

  • Tatsumi and Leone
  • 1 Minute Meals
  • Hot Springs
  • TV Shopping, Part 1
  • Glasses
  • Esdeath’s Fun Class on Torture
  • Field Trip
  • The Tale of Estaro
  • Interview
  • DX Incursio
  • Girl’s Bar
  • TV Shopping, Part 2

Japanese Promos

Clean Opening and Ending Animations

You can check out the DVDs and Blu-rays below.

Akame ga Kill! - DVD and Blu-ray

More extras are included within a special inner box included only in the Box Set. First of these extras is a special double-sided poster only included in the Box Set. The first side of the poster features main heroine Akame, but the other side is a mystery. In order to see what is on the other side you’ll have to purchase the set yourself. You can check out the poster below.

Akame ga Kill! - Poster

Next up in the special extras is a special set of stickers and tattoos which recreate symbols which are seen throughout the series. One of the more prominent ones fans should recognize right away is Esdeath’s chest tattoo. That’s right, Esdeath’s tattoo is recreated just for this set, so fans definitely have something to look forward to when purchasing this set. You can check out the stickers and tattoos below.

Akame ga Kill! - Stickers and Tattoos Akame ga Kill! -  Tattoos and Stickers 2

Last is a very special hardcover booklet with 100+ pages. This booklet is filled with many details pertaining to the world of Akame ga Kill! including character specs, cast commentary and explanations on the Imperial Arms.

Sentail Filmworks left a Special Note about the booklet stating:

The booklet is faithfully recreated from the original Japanese booklets, which contains a number of black and white as well as full color pages. Spoilers abound, so make sure to read with care, guys!

You can check out the booklet below.

Akame ga Kill! - Booklet

The Akame ga Kill! Collection 1 Limited Edition Premium Box Set is available for pre-order now from Sentai Filmworks online store. It will cost about $129.98 and will release on February 9, 2016. The box sets will be made in very limited quantities so be sure to pre-order yours before they’re all gone. You can pre-order the Box Set HERE!


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