CoroCoro Magazine Zygarde Pokemon Forms
Image credited to CoroCoro Magazine

We previously reported a brand new Pokémon was revealed during a trailer shown at the end of the latest Pokémon movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. CoroCoro Magazine confirmed it to be one of Zygarde’s different forms, the Zygarde core. Three other forms of Zygarde were revealed in the issue. The flat form of the Zygarde core is the Zygarde cell. Combining both apparently forms the brain. Zygarde 10% form turns it into a dog like creature. Lastly, the enormous creature shown in the previous trailer is Zygarde’s perfect form, the most powerful form. The original form is classified as Zygarde’s 50% form.

This wasn’t the only news to be revealed. The next Pokémon anime arc is going to be called  Pokémon XY & Z. The arc is going to begin starting with the next Mega Evolution special airing on TV. While there is no information or confirmation on this right now, this could possibly be a clue to the next main series Pokémon game being Pokémon for next year. The last bit of information from the magazine reveals a new look or form for Greninja. This particular form is interesting as it looks similar to Ash’s current design. This could either be a mega evolution for Greninja or just be a cosmetic look for the anime.

Do you like any of the new forms of Zygarde? Do you think the next anime arc will eventually confirm a Pokémon Z in the future? Is Greninja’s new look purely cosmetic or do you think it might be a mega evolution? Share us your thoughts on the latest reveal.


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