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Video Operation Recap: Sept 6-12, 2015

This weeks recap!
This weeks recap!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Stollings here, you might know me as MarauderEX, and as always I am your host for Operation Recap, where I discuss some stories from and share them here on youtube, and now here on rainfall as well!

Stories Recapped:

Official Mega Man Movie in the Works

Nintendo Confirms Pikmin 4’s Existence

Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Listed on LinkedIn Resume

Video: Operation Recap: Sept 6-12, 2015

Chris Stollings
Chris is a 28 year old gamer who joined Operation Rainfall in the fall of 2012. When he’s not writing articles or working on video content for Rainfall, he spends his time creating Let’s Plays for his personal Youtube channel, and filling in the last few missing titles of his vast (in his mind) game collection, prefering RPG’s but wont turn down a title of another genre if it looks interesting.