One Eyed Green Snake Pokemon

Some interesting Pokémon news has surfaced. A couple of weeks ago, broke the news of a new Pokémon reveal, but only had sketches of it at the time. Now the first official image has been uploaded. During the showing of Hoopa and the Clash of Ages in Japanese theaters, a brand new teaser trailer was revealed for the next movie coming out in 2016. During the trailer, a new Pokémon appeared and made its way over to the top of the screen. The Pokémon is a one-eyed green coiled snake-like creature. It reminds me of the coiled snake from another famous Nintendo franchise. There is currently not a whole of information on this new Pokémon. It possibly could be a form of an existing Pokémon or it could an brand new Pokémon that evolves into something more powerful. This could possibly be a teaser for the eventual 7th generation of the franchise in the future.

Are you excited to see a brand new Pokémon? Do you think it is a new creature or a form of an existing Pokémon? Could it possibly be connected to the 7th generation? Share us your thoughts and reactions to the exciting news.


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