Nintendo Badge Arcade

Nintendo has finally released the formerly Japan-exclusive 3DS eShop game Collectible Badge Center as Nintendo Badge Arcade in North America and Europe. Nintendo of Europe announced November 11 that it would be bringing the free-to-play 3DS title to the eShop on November 13. Nintendo of America followed up by announcing and releasing Nintendo Badge Arcade on the 3DS eShop later that day. Nintendo Badge Arcade involves playing virtual crane game to collect various badges based on Nintendo characters, game systems, and peripherals. Any badges obtained can be used to decorate the Nintendo 3DS home screen.

While its possible to obtain free tries of the various crane games from time to time, you can simply pay $1 to obtain five tries. Some badges are only available at certain times, new badges are added at a regular basis, and certain exclusive 3DS themes can be obtained by completing specific objectives. Nintendo Badge Arcade has been available in Japan for quite a while, but it’s nice that players in North America and Europe can finally start collecting badges.


Andrew Mathieu
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