Grand Tournament

In an announcement made just a couple hours ago, Blizzard has introduced the newest expansion for Hearthstone! Called The Grand Tournament, it’s going to include 132 brands new neutral and class specific cards, a new game board and a special card back.

It looks like the expansion is going to add a significant amount of pirate cards, including a pirate legendary (Skycap’n Kragg), as well as introducing a brand new keyword, Inspire. To activate it, you just have to use your Hero Power while an Inspire minion is on the field.

The Grand Tournament has no official release date just yet, but it will be here in August. If you want, you can preorder a back of 50 decks along with a new card back for $49.99. Or you could just get them with in game gold, up to you. Either way, pirates!

The Grand Tournament
Everybody loves giants, right?
The Grand Tournament
New Keyword



The Grand Tournament
Woah, Legendary!