The Castle Game started out as a project inspired by classic tower defense games of the past. The developers have added in new features to make the game stand out as something unique. The Castle Game sports three main game modes, as well as a huge arsenal of destructible defenses. Your defenses include both melee and ranged, including spells and traps. Watch out though, there are also many enemies that can bomb, freeze, or even take control of your defenses!

Can you hold back those who seek to capture your castle?
Can you hold back those who seek to capture your castle?


So what about those new features I mentioned above? One example are escort missions where you need to not only keep your foes out, but also maintain clean, safe paths for your allies to use. Some enemies are pretty dumb and will follow the path you’ve laid out for them, but beware. There are also smarter enemies who can and will destroy your defenses. Now you may be asking, “Can you repair your damaged defenses?” The answer is of course yes, using your giant hammer. There are also engineers who can automatically repair nearby structures that are damaged.

Repairing isn’t the only “battle action” available to players in The Castle Game, though. There is a powerful lightning spell, as well as focus fire to make all nearby defenders focus on a single enemy. There is also a Phoenix spell that is like an air strike, and an extra powerful Chaos spell to devastate your foes. You can also call in reinforcements, and upgrade all of your defenses at the Armory.


The Castle Game launches on PlayStation 4 on August 4th. That’s not very long to wait for you tower defense fans out there! Get ready to defend your castle to the death!



Michael Fontanini
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