Bravely Second: End Layer

Today was a good day to be watching the Treehouse coverage early. Why, you ask? Because they were playing what is sure to be one of my favorite 3DS sequels, Bravely Second! They started early in the game, with the main character, Yu, searching for the missing Crystal Orthodoxy Pope, Agnes herself! After going through a basic village, purchasing gear and potions, he finds himself in a dark and creepy looking forest. Something is obviously not right here, as he is beset by feral yet adorable rabbits, giant grasshoppers and even the occasional apple ninja (not joking, look at the screencaps).

Eventually our hero finds his way to a comfortable looking tent and tries to get some rest, only to find himself face to face with a levitating and somehow talking doll. Like any reasonable person, Yu runs screaming out of the tent, but the doll chases him through the forest. It turns out the doll wasn’t talking on its own, but was an instrument of the first boss, a gothic looking lady Wizard. At first Yu looks completely overmatched, until a familiar face leaps into the fray — Edea Lee! With her help, Yu manages to defeat the wizard, who runs off to report to her master. In the meantime, she gives you a new job, that of a Wizard! One of the skills you will be able to utilize is a protective Wall that inflicts damage to foes when they try attacking you through it.

One more cool feature that the gameplay showed off was how they replaced the Airy conversations from the first game. This time around, you can get advice from none other than Agnes herself! Yu wears an amulet that allows this long distance communication, which is a nice touch to keep the game familiar and yet different. It goes without saying how excited I am for Bravely Second, and I hope the release date isn’t too far off. In the meanwhile, take a look at all the pretty pictures!

Josh Speer
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