Crash Bandicoot Cartoon - Dr. Neo Cortex

UPDATE: David Siller officially posted a comment just a few hours ago on his YouTube Channel explaining the origins of the footage. The animation was a prototype for both game cutscenes and for a potential cartoon. There was even at one point a discussion for a potential Crash Bandicoot attraction at Universal Studios Theme Parks.

For the first time ever, some unused Crash Bandicoot cartoon footage was officially uploaded to YouTube by both David Siller and YouTube user Matt Wallace. Mr. Wallace received the footage from Crash Bandicoot producer, David Siller, and received permission from him to upload the footage. It was first initially thought to be footage from a pilot for a planned cartoon series that never saw the light of day. Eventually, it was confirmed to be two unused cutscenes for the game. The uploaded footage was intended to be used as cutscenes for the intro and for the ending of the game until it was scrapped in favor of creating Crash Bandicoot entirely in 3D for the duration of the game. The footage from 0:01 to 1:05 was planned to be the introduction scene and the remaining footage is the ending scene. The footage itself does a good job summarizing Crash Bandicoot in a nutshell The legendary voice actor, Jim Cummings, did a fantastic job singing the catchy theme song. You can view the video below for your convenience.

What are your reactions and thoughts to the video? Are you glad the 2D cutscenes were scrapped for the game? or do you think this would have a great addition to the iconic PlayStation platformer? Share us your reactions below.


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