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As its name implies, Visual Novel Maker is a software to create visual novels by Degica, similar to what RPG maker is to RPGs. With easy-to-use tools, a graphic interface and even pre-made graphics it provides an accessible engine that can be used by amateurs or experienced programmers.

The software will be released on November 16th on Steam and you can already whishlist it to be alerted when it releases by clicking on this link.


Press Release:

TOKYO, October 18th, 2017 – Visual Novel Makerthe revolutionary tool designed for writers and artists to bring their stories to life, is coming to Steam on November 16th, 2017!

About Visual Novel Maker:

Visualize, Create, Share. Visual Novel Maker is an easy to use but powerful tool designed to let anyone, no matter whether they can program or not, to freely make simple or deeply customized Visual Novels. Using a simple click, drag and drop, or type interface, creators will be able to use simple commands to create scenes and control the flow of their entire game, with all the features expected from a modern professional visual novel built in by default. They will also have access to enough premade resources, from characters to backgrounds, and even music, to make your first novel right off the bat. As creators grow in skill, they will find that Visual Novel Maker grows with them, as the engine includes the ability for experienced developers to create extensions, which can edit their game, or even the editor itself!

With Visual Novel Maker, anyone can be a developer.


  • Simple click, drag & drop, or type interface
  • 11 Characters, with art for various outfits and expressions.
  • 150+ Backgrounds, Home, School, Date Locations, and more.
  • Easy to use localization interface for created games.
  • Live2D support
  • Exports finished games to PC, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS!


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