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London Detective Mysteria | FeaturedMarking its first release on a platform other than the PSP and PS Vita, London Detective Mysteria is available today on PC. While previous releases have been limited to Japan, North America, and Europe, today’s release is available worldwide. Noted improvements available in the PC version include support for multiple resolutions and language options. Additionally, while the Vita version was given an M rating by the ESRB, this PC release is unrated. A brief description of the game (provided in the press release) can be found below.

Eschew the frivolities of 19th century London’s high society and instead delve into the curiosities that lie hidden in London’s darkest corners in London Detective Mysteria. Playing as the heiress of House Whiteley, players will name their own Lady Whiteley as they investigate mysteries of London and interact with personalities inspired by famous fictional characters including Detective Holmes, Jack the Ripper, and more. Take full control over the experience by adjusting text speed or even the individual speaking volumes of individual characters and their original Japanese voices. Players must choose their words carefully as they interact with other characters, as decisions made throughout the story will not only affect special rewards but will also shape whether Lady Whiteley finds love or something more sinister in the shadows of 19th century London.

London Detective Mysteria originally released in Japan back in 2013 for the PSP. It’s North American and European release late last year marked XSEED’s first published otome title. While the Vita version is still available on the PlayStation Store for $29.99 USD, you can now pick up a copy on Steam, GOG, or the Humble Store for that same price. Additionally, these versions come with a bonus 92-page digital artbook. There is an official soundtrack available through those sites as well, though that is a separate purchase listed at $19.99 USD. The soundtrack contains 27 songs sourced from the game. For the next week, there is a 10% launch discount on the game as well as a permanent 20% discount for bundling the game and soundtrack together. If you plan on taking advantage of either option or already own the game, let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Press Release

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