Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force - Noe

Over at the official website for Compile Heart’s upcoming PS4 enhanced version of Fairy Fencer F, subtitled Advent Dark Force, the new character Noe was announced.

All there is so far is a profile page that shows an image of a bearded gunslinger with a duster and cowboy hat and a brief explanation of his background. He’s described as a somewhat sullen person with a gruff, pessimistic attitude who won’t hesitate to draw on someone that talks to him out of turn. The bio also says that he was once in a relationship with the already announced new character of Jeune, but their affection has since gone sour to the point where the pair refuse to acknowledge they ever had anything between them and now resort to chiding each other at any given opportunity. This sounds kind of complicated since they’re both involved with an organization called the Septerion Club; he’s a member, she’s the boss.

To learn more about Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, head on over to the official site and check out what they have to offer so far! The release date is set for November 5 in Japan.


Tom Tolios
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