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Numerous gameplay details have emerged for the forthcoming Atlus PS Vita rhythm based spinoff Persona 4: Dancing All Night. In the game, players must stop a series of otherworldly abductions by defeating the culprits on their own terms and dancing on the Midnight Stage. Familiar faces from Persona 4 return to put an end to these incidents once and for all.

The gameplay primarily uses a combination of buttons and directional presses on the D-pad. Indicators drift from the center of the screen towards the edges and as they pass over the targets, players will have to push the corresponding direction or button: left, up, right, X, Triangle and Circle. There are also blue rings called ‘Scratches’ that will grow outwards from the center and when they pass over the target, a properly timed flick of the analog will net a higher score and results in greater rewards. Rainbow colored circles called ‘Fever Rings’ will also grow from the center and when these are properly played a star will fill in on the display. Once three stars are attained the game will enter ‘Fever Mode’ and a partner can appear to dance beside you. Getting a high enough score will result in your Persona appearing with an instrument as a cut-in. Players wishing to take advantage of the touch screen functionality rather than the face controls of the PS Vita can do so by tapping in the correct area for the three directions and buttons and swiping anywhere on the screen except the target area for the ‘Scratches’ and ‘Fever Rings.’

Players will be required to clear stages before they will be available to play in Free Mode. In Free Mode, a song is chosen and a character is assigned specifically for that stage. However, there are customization options that you can take advantage of to enhance the experience to your tastes such as costume and dance partner. You also choose from between four difficulties in Free Mode: Easy, Normal, Hard and All Night. When the stage is completed, you will receive Persona Dollars (P$) based on your score that can be used to purchase costumes and other special items.

How good of a dancer are you? You’re going to find out on June 25, 2015 when Persona 4: Dancing All Night is released in Japan for the PS Vita. The game has been confirmed for Western release but no date has been established yet.

Check out these all new screen shots for more of Persona 4: Dancing All Night.



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