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Square Enix just announced the date, time and viewing options for their E3 press conference this year. According to their official blog, it is set for Tuesday, June 16th at 9 AM PDT. This is before E3’s official start and Square Enix is clearly looking to get people hyped about their future plans going into the big show. And this press conference isn’t just for attendees, either. Square Enix is looking to make sure the word is spread as far and wide as possible by making it available to everyone watching on the internet wherever they may be. If you want to watch but can’t attend, you can see the presentation here:

Twitch: www.Twitch.TV/SquareEnixPresents
Youtube: www.Youtube.com/SquareEnixPresents

Of course, Square Enix isn’t giving any details on what they’re going to talk about. So if you want to know how they intend to keep their momentum rolling, you’ll just have to check it out and see for yourself. Smart money is on announcements about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Heavensward, Bravely Second, Dragon Quest Heroes and Final Fantasy XV, among others. We might even get some more details on Star Ocean V! All in all, with so many products coming from Square Enix, it’s bound to be a great press conference. Make sure you check it out! And for more details as they emerge, you can check the Square Enix Twitter feed.


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