Caladrius | oprainfall
Caladrius | oprainfall
Two hot new ladies join the team!

For those of you who already enjoy the hell out of new Xbox 360 shoot ’em up Caladrius, created by Moss, here’s something else to get excited about. Starting today, you will be able to download two new DLC characters, Sophia Fulcanelli and Nightmare of the Lilith, for 560 Microsoft points each. Both pilots bring something new to the game, as they affect conversations and interactions between existing characters. They also utilize different Element Shots, powerful attacks unique to each pilot, such as the Water Gatling for Sophia, and the Parasitic Gemini for Lilith. Sophia, who pilots the Howl Loreley, is supposed to be easier for newbies to get ahold of, while Lilith, who pilots the Crawling Grudge, is more for advanced players. Here’s some more info about both characters:

Caladrius | oprainfall

Sophia Fulcanelli

Sophia was the sole apprentice of the alchemist Paracelsus, hundreds of years ago. She helps out our heroes by bolstering their units with the power of alchemy, and serves the role of a navigator. In order to stabilize the power of a curse, Sophia has released her soul and no longer has a physical body. Her mind is spiritually tied with her unit, Howl Loreley, and has been in a deep slumber. However, after sensing the presence of the forbidden curse, she has been awakened.

Caladrius | oprainfall

Nightmare of the Lilith

Lilith is the product of a collective grudge from those who vanished due to the experiment of the forbidden curse. She has the appearance of the kingdom’s princess, but she is nothing like those who were sacrificed for the experiment. She acts out of her impulses of hate and destruction. However, her violent nature is restricted, as she is sealed within the unit machine called Crawling Grudge.

Now if only this was coming to the Wii U some time soon, I’d be even more excited about it. As it stands currently, all shmup fans who own an Xbox 360 should pick up Caladrius pronto. In the meantime, enjoy some pretty pictures of both new pilots!


Caladrius is available on Amazon, though it’s a bit pricey as an import:

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