Hindsight is always 20/20, something that every developer in the video game industry should take to heart. For developer Lab Zero Games, they found out that patience doesn’t always last forever as the player-base for last year’s incredibly hyped fighting game, Skullgirls on the Xbox 360, shrank continuously when a promised patch took over six extra months to be finally released.

For those Xbox 360 owners of Skullgirls that still play the game, the promised day has finally come. Patch 1.01 will update your game to the current status that PlayStation 3 owners have enjoyed since last November. Lab Zero Games has declared that the reason for the massive delay was thanks in part due to Microsoft’s limited size restrictions on their Xbox Live Arcade online service, which would have forced the developer to pay a large sum of cash because the initial 1.01 patch was 147.5 times too big.

While the term “better late then never” could be appropriate for this situation, that would simply be a insult to the Xbox 360 users who waited patiently for six months. Lab Zero Games is going to take the blunt of the fallout for this disaster, but the strict online policies that Microsoft enacts for their XBLA services should not be swept under the rug.

To upgrade Skullgirls to 1.01 on the Xbox 360, players will  have to make two necessary downloads. The first will be prompted for after the game is properly loaded. This file will be 7MB in size. The second step will then have to be initiated through the Xbox Dashboard, where gamers will find a large 273.14 file to download that will complete the patch. Luckily for Xbox 360 users, a section titled “Download Content” will appear in the in-game menu after the 1.01 patch is downloaded, so they won’t have to go through this plight again.

Patch notes can be found at the official Skullgirls site.

SkullGirls 1
New character palette colors now available

On another note, the long awaited DLC with extra character color packs has finally been green-lit today, so you are now able to customize that online team that you’ve always pictured. Each character color pack will come at $1 and contain four new color palettes. For those Skullgirls fans who like discounts and extra goodies, if you are willing to purchase all 8 character color packs in one go, you will find the bundle at a $5 discount price that will also contain one extra bonus color palette to use at your discretion.


SkullGirls 2
Looking pretty snazzy there Parasoul

Lab Zero Games will continue to work on the anticipated release of the new, free DLC characters that was were made possible thanks to the widely successful Indiegogo funding campaign. The first three DLC characters that have been selected will be Squigly (who will be released this summer), Big Band, and the first winner of the Skullgirls fan poll, the Egyptian themed lounge singer named Eliza who has the power to control blood. Later this week, be on the look out for the fourth DLC character to make their mark, as Lab Zero Games will finish their second fan poll.


SkullGirls Eliza
Meet Eliza, the newest addition to Skullgirls

Finally, Lab Zero Games will be holding a Skullgirls tournament at EVO 2013 in Las Vegas, with a prize pool that will start at $2000, and grow with all entry fees added to the pool. Lab Zero Games has started to taking pre-registrations online now, so any Skullgirls fans who think they have the chops to win it big should sign up soon.



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