Fans looking forward to the fan service filled fighting game Senran Kagura coming to western regions have good reason to be excited. According to two separate interviews with Siliconera, Marvelous Entertainment Inc. (now Marvelous AQL) is currently looking for a western publishing partner. The first interview took place in September, 2011:

“You know, Senran Kagura has a positive reception on Siliconera. Do you think there is a chance for the title to come out overseas?

Toshinori Aoki, Executive Managing Director of Digital Contents: We are certainly looking to bring this over to America and we’re working hard to do so.

Daniel Kurtz, Business Development Coordinator: With any of our games, if we can find a partner in the West that we can publish with be it Senran Kagura or No More Heroes. If there is somebody we can sell it with, partner with, and find a market with then we definitely want to push forward. Senran Kagura is no different.”

This next one is from an interview from January 5, 2012:

“True, but I think the beat ‘em up feel has universal appeal. Are you still trying to bring this game overseas? Have you talked with other companies about licensing Senran Kagura?

If we can bring it out overseas, we will do it. But, things like moe and the cultural appeal and fetishes between Japan and America are different in many ways. If we brought it out we may have to make some adjustments so it has broader appeal. I know that’s not what your readers want to hear, though.”

While a little less enthusiastic, it still sounds promising. It seems that if enough fans let Marvelous AQL know that they want it, it could still become a reality.



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