We are currently picking staff to assist with writing articles for the new website.

PLEASE NOTE: Web Team Staff positions are PERMANENT. If you would simply like to help contribute articles or news, you do not need to apply, simply post a link to your article here or send it to the appropriate email listed below.

NOTE #2: If you serve as a staff member on another video game media/entertainment website, you may be ineligible to become part of the permanent Web Team staff because of the permissions that will be granted to permanent members of the Web Team. We will still consider articles that are contributed, pending approval from Web Team staff.


  •   Pick any topic you wish relating to our campaign or the three games, individually, or as a group. As long as it is generally related to working on this campaign or specifically about the games (game play, thoughts, etc.), it will be fine. It may be either an opinion/editorial, or a news piece/preview, or even be an informational article about game details and tips. ONLY CONTENT RESTRICTION: Do not write about adding additional games to the campaign.
  • Your article must be approximately 1000-1500 words (it can be more or less, but generally should be a full-length article).
  • You must proofread (spell/grammar check) your own articles.
  • The target audience will be the 11,500+ members of #OPR, not the staff, so keep that in mind while attempting to engage the reader.
  • After you feel your article is ready for submission, please submit your article in  to [email protected]
  • Once your article has been submitted, you may send revisions, but please keep revisions to a minimum. Try to make the article you submit the FINAL version. DO NOT SUBMIT ROUGH DRAFTS.
  • Approved web team staff and leaders, as well as a panel of journalists, will be assisting us with judging/review of the articles.
  • Your article will be graded on several criteria, including, but not limited to: quality and professionalism, entertaining writing style, captured attention of target audience, spelling and grammar, among other qualities.

Please keep in mind that these are general rules, but what we are really looking for is individuals who are willing to go above and beyond the current campaign and help us carry the blog through to the next level. We are especially concerned with the level of professionalism displayed and the amount of work you put into the campaign.

For those who make it onto the Volunteer Web Team, you can look forward to a busy next few months, so be prepared! If you are accepted onto the web team, you WILL be busy.

For those who are not accepted to the web team, we will still have open submission for articles, but we will make sure they are reviewed by Web Team staff before posted publicly. It is especially important to note in regards to those on the web team: One particular Role should not be considered to be senior to another Role. Rather, consider that Roles define the user’s responsibilities within the blog.

Good luck, let’s have fun, and let’s take this campaign to the next level!

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