UPDATE: 03/26/12
Tales of Xillia trademarked for US as well. Siliconera

This has been a busy week for Tales of fans with the release of Tales of Graces f on the PS3, fans of the series finishing the game, and left satisfied, were left wondering is this it? Will this be the final Tales of game they play? With Namco Bandai reassuring fans that they would love to continue bringing the Tales of series to western audience, many took this statement with a grain of salt knowing Namco, and that nothing is definite especially for Tales of fans.

Out of the blue it seems Namco Bandai has went and trademarked Tales of Xillia for Europe.  While it does not mean it’s final, it shows that there are possibilities and doors open and it shows that they mean business. Sales from people buying Tales of Graces f in both Europe and the Americas may go a long way in convincing them to actually release the game, and you should buy it anyway because the game is fantastic. You might also want to tell Namco via their Facebook or Twitter accounts that you want the game to encourage them to release it. You would be doing yourself a disservice for skipping out on it, just because it doesn’t start with an X or end with an A. If you truly want Xillia, do as Namco tells you, show your enthusiasm.

Source: Siliconera

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