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At TGS 2015 Bandai Namco Entertainment held a special stage event for Project X Zone 2. Special guests for the event included Segata Sanshiro (Hiroshi Fujioka) and Japanese singer Marina. During the event they had four new character reveals for the game. Representing Xenoblade and Xenosaga are Fiora and KOS-MOS. Screenshots of the two can be seen below.

Project X Zone 2 Fiora

Project X Zone 2 KOS MOS

Alongside Fiora and KOS-MOS two more characters were introduced. Chrom and Lucina from the Fire Emblem series will be making their debut in Project X Zone 2. Screenshots of the father-daughter duo can be seen below.

Project X Zone 2 Lucina

Project X Zone 2 Chrom and Lucina 2

After they were revealed they had an in-game demonstration using Chrom, Lucina, KOS-MOS, Fiora and Segata Sanshiro. Some screens from the in-game demonstration can be seen below.

Project X Zone 2 Chrom and Lucina 4 Project X Zone 2 Chrom and Lucina 5

Project X Zone 2 New Characters

They then had a live performance showcasing the opening of Project X Zone 2 featuring singer Marina. They also showed the opening animation alongside the live performance. Once the performance was done they showcased some of the special pre-order bonuses you can get if you buy the game at certain stores in Japan. They also revealed a demo is to be released for the game at a later date. You can check out the bonuses below, the demo announcement for the game and some other screenshots from the stage event below.

Project X Zone 2 Shop Bonuses Project X Zone 2 Demo Project X Zone 2  Project X Zone 2 10th Anniversary

The stage event closed out with Segata Sanshiro yelling out one of his trademark lines along with the crowd in attendance. So are you excited about the new character reveals for the game? Are you surprised about the addition of Chrom and Lucina? I for one am very excited about these new character additions, and was absolutely shocked and ecstatic to see Chrom and Lucina make the cut. Project X Zone 2 is shaping to be a much bigger game than the first iteration, look forward to when it releases in the west.

Project X Zone 2 Presentation
Segata Sanshiro and Marina close out the event.
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