Famitsu Reveals Weapon Triangle Reforms in Fire Emblem If

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

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Fire Emblem Featured

Uh oh. I’m really trying to remain calm here, but after we found out about new features in Fire Emblem If, such as weapon durability no longer being an issue, I’ve been a little edgy. I’m one of those folks who doesn’t embrace change well, especially when I feel it happens too soon or for no good reason. Granted, that may not be the case with the latest details in Fire Emblem If, but I’m┬ástill worried.

As if weapon durability wasn’t a big enough change, Intelligent Systems is tinkering with the tried and true weapon triangle found in the series. Whereas we used to be able to rely on Swords trumping Axes, Axes owning Lances, and Lances destroying Swords, with Magic serving as a sort of wild card, now that whole balance has been altered. This comes according to Famitsu, who state that the weapon triangle now works like this – Swords and┬áMagic trump Axes and Bows, which trump Lances and Concealed Weapons, which in turn trump Swords and Magic.

You may be asking yourself what Concealed Weapons are, and rightfully so. Apparently, certain classes such as Butlers, Maids and Shinobi utilize them to weaken their enemies. Not entirely sure whether Butlers and Maids are an actual new class, or just some temporary starting point for a new class system. Either way, big changes abound for Fire Emblem If. Do you embrace these changes, or are you worried they will change the game too much? Feel free to chime in below.


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  • MusubiKazesaru

    I’m kind of mixed on it too, but there’s another interesting bit about how each weapon class like Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, and Brave come with their own set of innate advantages and disadvantages.

  • SunShine

    I think I can work with this. Thematically it’s a little strange that shooting fireballs or arrows work differently based on which type of weapon the target is holding, but mechanically speaking, it makes you think about placement and balancing your team, which always seemed like a goal. It also gives archers a meaning again, whereas I never really felt they served much purpose in the last few games when Archers and mages had pretty much the same weaknesses, but Mages could still retaliate when attacked in melee range.

  • JDobbs

    This can either be a genius decision or a terrible move that will alienate everyone.

  • Capt. Muffin

    This works for me, since it means there’s now a good reason to field archers in battles now, whereas before a mage with a wind tome would give you all the bonuses of an archer without their crippling weaknesses. Seems like a nice way to balance things.

  • Morrick

    Awakening had a change that seemed somewhat minor, but it screws up the gameplay. I initially never knew Awakening took out weight, and when I got it, at first I didn’t think much of it, but soon realized it’s a horrid change. It took out a lot of the tactics of weaponry and weapon skill levels, it becomes almost pointless to keep and use weaker weapons, and it unbalances enemies because them having a stronger weapon is always to your disadvantage. I could go on about it, but I wont.

    I’m really unhappy about these new changes, they are clearly trying to dumb things down to reach a wider audience. And the sad thing is, the only thing they needed to add (which they did) was the optional “casual” mode where your characters don’t die, which introduces new players to the game but keeps all the depth that they can learn about and really get into. I like that they’re trying new things (the pairing in Awakening was fun), but I still haven’t finished Awakening because of how it broke things, I’m very skeptical about this new Fire Emblem.

    I’m upset that I’m losing interest in the franchise because of them trying to reach a more casual audience, I don’t want that from my hardcore Nintendo franchises.

    TL;DR (because clearly I have too much shit to say about this):
    I hate the new changes

    • ZigTheHunter

      Well this change seems to be making things a bit more complicated, with each weapon class being good and bad against two other types. I think they are doing some good things here, with one path being more like Awakening and the other being more traditional.

  • I say change is a good thing. I mean it doesn’t remove Awakening and it’s more classical balance. IF should change some things up, and force different thinking in the Fire Emblem universe.

    Also weapon durability wasn’t much of a challenge… as much as it was an annoyance. In most cases it doesn’t really challenge the player… just forces them to buy more of the same inventory or save those special weapons for specific moments and battles.

    Often I’d just load up on lots of regular high tier weapons and attack sparingly. The game was just forcing me to spend money from my battles. Durability rarely affected actual battles… since I wouldn’t go into a battle haphazardly and would make sure that I always had healthy weapons.

  • multibottler0cket

    Ugh! I wasn’t too fond of the changes in Awakening (though the children/relationship system was addicting), but this is getting out of hand.

    Like I’ll still like the game a lot, I just won’t love it.

  • Taiyaki

    Let’s face it, magic was overpowered in Awakening and bows completely underpowered. This should help mix things up.