As part of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Tokyo this weekend, Square Enix revealed that not only would they be making 8-bit demakes of soundtrack selections from Final Fantasy VII-XI, but they will soon be releasing them internationally, according to Destructoid. The soundtracks will be available on Square’s e-Shop in both of those countries as VII Chips, VIII Chips, IX Chips, and so on. Maybe the next thing Square will announce is a line of actual Final Fantasy-branded chips.

As I’ve stated before, I’m a music major, so I love me some music. Final Fantasy’s soundtracks in particular (even X) are some of my favorite gaming soundtracks. They inspired me to learn how to play video game music on the piano. So as you’d probably imagine, this news makes me very, very excited.


Kyle Emch
Kyle has been studying music at college for about three years now. He's played the piano since he was 6 years old and has been recently been learning how to write music. He has followed the Operation Rainfall movement on Facebook since it started and was happy to volunteer for the website. Just don't mention Earthbound or the Mother franchise around him.