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About a month ago, I got the opportunity to demo Cat Lady at MIX 2019. I initially wasn’t planning on playing it, but I’m really glad I did. I wrote how impressed I was by the rogue-like style of the game, and coupled with great controls, unique art and catchy music, I was drawn in like a cat to catnip. Now there’s even more details we can share about Cat Lady, including a press release, Steam page and official trailer.

Cat Lady | HUB

Going from the press release, we have some new info. For one thing, now we know that the hero of the game is a girl named Ally Marie. She’s trying to save her grandma from ghosts that have possessed ordinary objects all throughout her house, transforming them into adorably hideous monsters. Each playthrough of Cat Lady will be different, featuring unique biomes and random placement of objects and foes.

Cat Lady | Shop

As of right now, Cat Lady is only confirmed for Steam, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it eventually slink on over to other consoles. Though if you like what you see, it probably wouldn’t hurt to wishlist it. To read more details about the latest from Rose City Games and VIZ Media, just check out the press release below, as well as the sweet new trailer!

Ally Marie arrives for her regular visit to Grandma’s cat-filled mansion but is startled to find an ancient evil has awoken. Not only is Grandma missing: all of her belongings are transforming into monsters, and the cats are now self-aware! With the help of her cats, Ally must find a way to save Grandma and destroy the ghosts lurking in the mansion.

Cat Lady | Courtyard

Cat Lady features a purr-fect blend of dual-stick shooter action, roguelike elements, and tons of collectibility. Swap and upgrade your feline friends to blast homey hauntings with magical spells, investigate randomly generated biomes to progress through multiple unique areas of the mansion, and uncover the spooky intentions behind your Grandma’s kidnapping and the parade of perilous poltergeists who stand in your way.

Cat Lady | Boss Teddy


  • Play as Ally Marie, fighting ghosts by forming a team of cute kitty friends with magical powers
  • Explore endless arrangements of unique rooms in Grandma’s mansion, fighting haunted household objects and bosses bent towards a sinister purpose
  • Unlock new cats, areas, abilities, and enemies as you investigate the mansion, and experiment with new kitty combinations for maximum replayability
  • Enjoy the hauntingly adorable soundtrack by indie game dynamic duo, Jim Guthrie and J.J. Ipsen (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Below, Planet Coaster, Reigns: Her Majesty)
  • Dive into dungeons littered with challenges, secrets, and collectibles to overcome overwhelming occult forces

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