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Uh oh. I’m really trying to remain calm here, but after we found out about new features in Fire Emblem If, such as weapon durability no longer being an issue, I’ve been a little edgy. I’m one of those folks who doesn’t embrace change well, especially when I feel it happens too soon or for no good reason. Granted, that may not be the case with the latest details in Fire Emblem If, but I’m still worried.

As if weapon durability wasn’t a big enough change, Intelligent Systems is tinkering with the tried and true weapon triangle found in the series. Whereas we used to be able to rely on Swords trumping Axes, Axes owning Lances, and Lances destroying Swords, with Magic serving as a sort of wild card, now that whole balance has been altered. This comes according to Famitsu, who state that the weapon triangle now works like this – Swords and Magic trump Axes and Bows, which trump Lances and Concealed Weapons, which in turn trump Swords and Magic.

You may be asking yourself what Concealed Weapons are, and rightfully so. Apparently, certain classes such as Butlers, Maids and Shinobi utilize them to weaken their enemies. Not entirely sure whether Butlers and Maids are an actual new class, or just some temporary starting point for a new class system. Either way, big changes abound for Fire Emblem If. Do you embrace these changes, or are you worried they will change the game too much? Feel free to chime in below.


Josh Speer
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