Fire Emblem | Menacing

Though we are still chomping at the bit for an official release window for Fire Emblem If, the latest entry slated to hit the 3DS in North America sometime next year, new details have come to light. While it’s true that the two campaigns will differ in terms of difficulty, it sounds as though potentially both of them will have a couple features to make things easier for new players. First, and most surprising to longtime fans, is that weapons no longer have limited numbers of uses. While my first reaction to this news is abject terror, I’m sure Intelligent Systems has found other gameplay aspects to balance out this significant change. After all, half the fun of Fire Emblem is acquiring and hoarding uber weapons and carefully figuring out just the right time to use them in order to spell victory.

Another newish feature is the implementation of Phoenix Mode, where downed allies, instead of leaving you forever, return to your ranks during the following turn. This sounds like a more forgiving style of Casual Mode, where allies only return at the end of a battle. Also interesting is that once you change the difficulty of the game, it stays that way. So make sure to think it through before you try to make the game too easy or difficult.

Fans of the dual battle mechanic found in Awakening will be happy to hear there is now something called and Attack Stance and Guard Stance. Possibly related to the later is the implementation of a “shield” gauge. Finally, the main character starts out as either a Dark Prince or Dark Princess class. As if being royalty wasn’t enough, they will have access to something called a Dragon Pulse which can affect the environment in various ways, such as causing earthquakes or raising bridges. All in all it sounds very interesting, and I have nothing but faith that this latest entry in the Fire Emblem series will be fantastic entertainment. Chime in below on your thoughts regarding these new features.


Josh Speer
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