Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door | Official Logo Art

Earlier today, Nintendo put out a brand new launch trailer for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Paper Mario: TTYD is scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch later this week on May 23rd, 2024. Currently, digital copies are available for pre-order in the eShop. Physical copies are available via a few different stores at the moment, such as GameStop and Target. But considering Amazon and Walmart both cancelled a ton of pre-orders and now still don’t have it available for pre-order, we’re unsure where the best place to pre-order a physical copy is. Not to mention, no one can say whether or not any additional pre-orders will be cancelled. Feel free to check out the brand new launch trailer down below.

Just when you think the rogues of the world have it made, the heroic hero Mario arrives! But he ain’t no everyday type of hero. This fella’s got brains, brawn, and he can fold into a paper plane! It’s almost enough to make a rogue start rootin’ for the good guy…

Join Mario on a paper-based RPG adventure as he travels the world, chases down baddies, and saves the day in the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door game.

Jenae R
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