Mairimashita! Iruma-kun S3 | Week in Anime Jul 23 - 3

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Currently Airing:

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

A few episodes in, the new series is really following the manga much more than the original anime. I won’t lie and will say there were a few anime only additions from the original that I miss, but I won’t say it’s a bad thing with how much more closely it follows the source material. Kenshin coming to take Yahiko from the gang has one of my favorite parts with him dealing with a rude individual interrupting his talk. While I’m sure it depends on your tastes, I do enjoy Yahiko and Kaoru’s dynamic, with how rough it is especially in the beginning. The little teaser at the end of the episode has got me excited. – Walter

— You can watch Rurouni Kenshin on on Crunchyroll.

Dark Gathering

Dark Gathering Yayoi

Keitaro is still a bit apprehensive with Yayoi since she is so interested in the supernatural, which he tries to avoid. One thing leads to another and a trip he is about to take ends with him bring Yayoi and Eiko. We find out that Keitaro has to have frequent exorcisms done, which are conducted by his grandmother. I like her character and her dynamic with Yayoi. Learning more about how Keitaro is afflicted does explain why he’s so weary of the paranormal. I can say it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Things of course go wrong and Yayoi comes to help. It isn’t surprising to see Keitaro getting a bit closer to Yayoi and trusting her more. The ending though was I think the highlight. We got a glimpse of Yayoi’s room at the end of the last episode, but here Keitaro sees it himself and realizes what she has been doing. I’m liking the series so far and I do like the back and forth between Keitaro and what he thinks about Yayoi which I don’t think is exactly unwarranted. – Walter

— You can watch Dark Gathering on HiDive.

Anime of the Past:

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Season Three

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun S3 | Week in Anime Jul 23 - 1

This week, I’ve had the chance to begin watching the third season of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. And, since I’ve had the opportunity to review the first and second seasons, and given my affection for the manga, it’s no stretch that I would want to review season three, and so, here we are.

This season focuses on the second half of Iruma’s first year at the demon school Bablys, specifically the Harvest Festival. The lead up to, and the Harvest Festival itself, both share a theme of growth for Iruma, as he is becoming more accustomed to his new life in the Netherworld, and has now set real goals for himself. Thus far, the anime has made a noteworthy effort of adapting from the manga Iruma’s striving, and the emotional and mental ups and downs that Iruma faces during his training and his competing in the festival. I’ll be delving into further detail as to how well the anime manages its depictions from the manga, as well as how successful the anime adapts the tones and emotions of its scenes in said upcoming review.

Rather, what’s been on my mind since I started watching is just how geared the anime has been to a younger audience. I realize both the manga and anime are lighthearted, yet equally action packed in nature, and still manage to be easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy. However, I’m finding myself struggling with some of the more exaggerated scenes. Those that are overly cute, overly energetic, and, especially, the musical numbers that are becoming an anime staple, I am having a hard time focusing when these scenes come up.

I just don’t care for them.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun S3 | Week in Anime Jul 23 - 2

When cute, yes, they’re cute, or when showing action or combat, yes, they’re energetic. However, I’m not getting the enjoyment I expected. And this is from someone who likes and can appreciate these styles, tones, and overall genres. This has led me to think that perhaps my own tastes, or tolerances, are changing as I’m getting (even) older. I’m finding myself becoming exhausted and stressed more so than simply being able to ignore these moments of extremeness and move on. As these feelings of mine are more commiserate and not exactly fitting within a review, I instead sought to openly share my personal thoughts here.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun S3 | Week in Anime Jul 23 - 3

And, well, I honestly don’t know what to make of it. I’ve been enjoying the manga immensely, as even the overdone scenes never feel overdone in black and white. I’ve also enjoyed the anime scenes that depict Iruma’s mental growth, as well as those scenes that show the day-to-day chaos of school life in the Netherworld. But regarding the over the top silly or exaggerated, I’m finding myself stressed at times and, as a result, perhaps overthinking my own reactions in these moments. Is it a change of taste? Am I just tired of the extravagance that feels more cliché and overdone than deep and supportive to its scenes? Or am I just getting older, or less tolerant, or more disillusioned by what should be fun, immersive experiences? I think not having answers is really what’s stressing me out… and really, maybe, I just needed to vent… – Drew D.

— You can watch Mairimashita! Iruma-kun on Crunchyroll.

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