Samurai Maiden | Devoted Heart

Samurai Maiden | Devoted Heart

D3Publisher has released a patch for Samurai Maiden on Steam that removes all of the “Gen-Z” lines from the game replacing them with a more accurate localization. I will post a couple of examples below, but there is a thread in the Steam forums that will show these changes in more detail.

Here is a list of other gameplay fixes in this patch:

-invincibility time has been set when Tsumugi gets up from a down condition.
-invincibility time has been set when Tsumugi returns from a stun condition.
-Tsumugi is now easier to recover from stun conditions.
-The area of effect of Devious Decoys has been expanded and their duration extended.
-Fixed a bug that could cause the game to stop when a character demo was displayed.

I can say from experience the invincibility time adjustment are very welcome and should make this one play much better. You can check out my full review if you want to know more about Samurai Maiden, or you can check out this post on Steam for a mod that will uncensor the photo mode.

Steve Baltimore
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