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Armello, the fantasy digital board game that was Kickstarter funded, is now available on PS4, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The launch version has a few improvements though it was already being well received and had a 93% positive rating by the early access community. Improvements include things like eight playable characters (formerly 4), a new winter themed board, a graphics overhaul, and revamped multiplayer matchmaking.

“When we first had the crazy idea to blend the deep strategy and experience of tabletop gaming with the stunning visuals and rich, immersive experience that digital affords, we could never have imagined how far that idea would take us,” said Trent Kusters, founder and director, League of Geeks. “After years of dedicated hard work and with the help of an outstanding in-game community, Armello has reached a level of polish and sophistication that makes us very proud to formally release it as the very first game from League of Geeks.”



The vibrant magical world of Armello is falling into darkness as the lion king is driven insane by a corrupting evil force called Rot. The kingdom’s four animal clans – Bear, Rabbit, Rat and Wolf – have called forth their heroes to brave the dangerous journey to the king’s palace and challenge the now mad ruler for his crown.

Players choose a character from one of the four clans, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities, then compete against three others to ascend the throne.

The mad lion begins each match overwhelmingly more powerful than all the clans’ heroes, but is weakened each day by Rot. Meanwhile other characters become stronger by successfully completing quests until the time is ripe for a strike against the king.

Characters who kill the king and survive the battle are crowned the new ruler. Players with patience can alternatively try to gain the king’s favor and wait until he dies for the kingdom to be passed down to the most loyal hero. Collecting four Spirit Stones and confronting the lion can also restore peace to the land. Finally characters can turn to the dark side and acquire more Rot than the King, then harness the evil power to defeat him.

Game Features

  • Pick-up-and-play simplicity while maintaining the depth of turn-based strategy
  • Experience a new procedurally-generated board every match
  • Choose from eight playable characters, each with their own unique play styles
  • Explore over 200 dynamic quests to earn items, cards or stat bonuses
  • Collect and play more than 120 beautifully animated cards
  • Select one of two game modes – single player or online multiplayer for up to four players
  • Conquer Armello in four ways – Combat, Prestige, Spirit Stone or Rot


You can experience all that Armello has to offer on Steam or PS4 for $19.99. PS Plus members enjoy a 30% discount for the first two weeks.

Our very own Josh Speer got a chance to check it out at PAX this year and had quite a bit to say about it.

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