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Star Ocean: The Divine Force

So I’ve been continuing my review of a couple otome games, but I spent a lot of last week playing Star Ocean: The Divine Force demo for PS5 (I’ll eventually check it out on Xbox as well for comparison). As I noted in my impressions piece, I really enjoyed this look at the sixth game in the franchise! It reminded me a lot of what I loved about Star Ocean to begin with, and I’m really eager to sink my teeth into the full game to play as Laeticia. I love dual protagonist games, and I’m curious to see how SO6 handles the differing stories, especially since I loved the way The Second Story dealt with Claude and Rena. I also just want to mess around with the combat some more. It’s addictive, especially using D.U.M.A., and I didn’t play with Albaird nearly as much as I wanted to. Other than that, I also took part in this weekend’s Splatfest in Splatoon 3. I was Team Gear, and we actually won! It was a nice change from the launch Splatfest, where my team got utterly curb-stomped. Unfortunately, I was only able to play three or four of the Tricolor matches. I understand why the game handles Tricolor the way it does, but it doesn’t stop it from being frustrating that queuing for that mode doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in. I ended up shuffled into Turf War almost every time (when I wasn’t getting hit by communication errors). I hope this is something Nintendo addresses in the future, but Tricolor is honestly a lot of fun and it sucks that you can’t participate at will. They also really need to fix their online servers, because matchmaking shouldn’t be this much of a pain three titles in. Still, I enjoyed the event a lot and look forward to the next one! – Leah

Splatoon 3 | Deserted Island Splatfest Results

I also joined Team Gear for the latest Splatfest in Splatoon 3. Gear just made the most sense to me and was the smartest choice for actually surviving and getting off some island you’re stuck on. While Leah understands Nintendo’s way of doing Tricolor though, I found it infuriating and absolutely unacceptable. How hard is it to just let the lead team pick between standard and Tricolor and let everyone else also pick, but then what you pick is 100% the mode you get? You get significantly more Clout points for winning a Tricolor match, some people in the lead team will still want the challenge of Tricolor matches and people in the lead who do play the standard mode, not only get less Clout in standard Turf Wars, but they also aren’t going to win every match they’re in regardless. I think giving people 100% choice in what mode they play, simply makes the most sense. And the fact that Splatoon 3 has already sold millions of copies, means there’s at least a few hundred thousand people playing in each Splatfest, if not more. I don’t think there would be a shortage of people to play Tricolor if everyone got to pick. Why Nintendo thought the solution was to block everyone from having fun in a one day every so many weeks exclusive mode, is just utterly ridiculous to me. No, they didn’t actually block us from playing Tricolor, but the chances of getting in were ridiculously low. I got into a measly 2 Tricolor matches among my total of 25 matches from the second half of the Splatfest when Tricolor was supposedly “available.” It’s simply unacceptable to me that we can’t even enjoy this new fun and Splatfest exclusive mode, when we want to throughout its day. – Jenae

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