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NIS America Releases Crystar exclusive Q&A session Video

NIS America has released an exclusive Q&A session video with the voice actors of Crystar. You can get some insights on some of the characters and how the voice actors approached each role.

The story follows a young girl named Rei Hatada as she find herself in the strange world of Purgatory. She doesn’t remember how she got there, but the one thing she does remember is that she killed her sister Mirai. She is reunited with her in this strange world, but the duo is soon attacked by a strange monster. Mirai falls into a large ravine, and Rei loses all hope for a moment, but soon her guardian awakens and gives her the power to fight these monsters.

I loved this game when I played it back in 2019 when it released on the PlayStation 4 and Steam, so I am very happy to see NIS America bringing the Switch port to gamers as well. Crystar for Nintendo Switch will launch March 29, 2022.

Steve Baltimore
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