MangaGamer made a rather interesting announcement in a recent press release. The localization company will be releasing Rance VI and Rance 5D in a single package.

Racne is a long running series of adult RPGs developed by AliceSoft. Rance VI is a main installment in the series, where as Rance 5D is a spin-off title that seems to revolve around dice rolling, and capturing cute anime girl monsters.

You’ll be able to pick this bundle up December 23rd, or pre-order now from MangaGamer for $34.95 USD and if you order early there is a Pre-Order discount. You can read the press release for yourself below and watch a few trailers:

December 2nd, 2016–MangaGamer is Releasing Rance for Christmas!
Gah ha ha! The legendary adult RPG series, Rance, is storming the English market this Christmas! With two installments in one hyper package: Rance 6 & Rance 5D!
In Rance 5D, a standalone episode in the series, Rance goes adventuring with his slave girl, Sill, and his pet, Athena 2.0, in order to recoup all the money he’s blown! Their travels lead them down a dungeon where they get lost and wander into a mysterious town full of youkai! Together they go dungeon crawling, face dice battles, capture female monsters, recruit and train the monsters they capture, all just to try and get home! There’s loads of gameplay with battles and movement determined by dice rolls, while strategic management of time, skills, and item drops can help affect your odds–no two playthroughs will be the same in Rance 5D! This fun, lighthearted title in the series makes a great intro to Rance before delving into Rance VI!
In Rance VIRance travels to the magical Kingdom of Zeth with Sill to take a job. However, In Zeth, mages are considered superior and all others treated as second class citizens! Indignant at his imprisonment and the discrimination turned toward him, Rance joins the resistance to lead Zeth to a revolution! With just cause on his side, Rance sets out to punish the evil mages who scorned him and expand his ever-growing harem! Jam-packed with gameplay, Rance VI is a full 3D Dungeon Crawler, with over thirty dungeons full of different monsters to face and events to trigger!
Both Rance 5D and Rance VI will be sold together in a single bundle for $34.95! Pre-order your copy today, so you can be one of the first to enjoy these epic quests this December 23rd!

Aaron Evangelisti
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