Rune Factory 5 | Anniversary Trailer Screenshot

Rune Factory 5 | Anniversary Trailer Screenshot

XSEED Games has announced that Rune Factory 5 is now available for Nintendo Switch. They mention that anyone with Rune Factory 4 Special save data on their system can get Doug and Margaret as special guest NPCs, as well as Lest and Frey outfits. Also, you can now purchase various DLC costumes which includes additional outfits and swimsuits based on Rune Factory 4 characters. Plus, certain digital pre-order bonuses, such as swimsuits based on Forte and Kiel, will be available to purchase after April 26th.

Finally, XSEED mentions that in celebration of the game’s launch, there will be an in-person event held on March 26th at 10:00 a.m. PST, at Honey and Butter Macarons in Irvine, which will include giveaways for anyone attending, in addition to fans online. They state that the macaron specialists will offer Rune Factory 5 themed macarons during this event.

Feel free to check out the brand new launch trailer down below and if you’d like to know more about Rune Factory 5, visit the game’s official website.

Return to the fantasy world of Rune Factory for a grand adventure while living whatever life you please! Mysterious events are unfolding in the sleepy border town of Rigbarth, affecting the runes that govern the balance between humanity and nature. As the newest ranger for the peacekeeping organization SEED, protect the frontier town by defeating rowdy monsters or team up with an ally for link attacks. When not on a mission, work with the people of Rigbarth to help the town flourish through farming, festivals, and friendships!

Rise to every challenge as a ranger of SEED and see your mission through!

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