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UPDATE: Yep, this was a joke folks. Happy April Fools! For those that are angry, take heart that April Fools is only once a year. You should probably avoid the internet on this day next year. Make a mental note 😛

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oprainfall can proudly announce the reveal of The Last Story II. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Wii JRPG will be exclusively released on the Wii U, worldwide, at the end of the year – and we have the first details.

Going along the same lines as the Final Fantasy series, the story of The Last Story II has no connection to the adventures of Zael and company. It has an all new protagonist, is set in a completely different world and has a brand new battle system.

The story tells the tale of Cirk Leysta, a spoilt prince who lives in the kingdom of En Rev that’s in the world of Novena Gig. When his father, King Rick, forbids him from joining the daily patrol, outside the kingdom’s grounds, he goes anyway without his father knowing. Deep in the woods, the patrol are ambushed and massacred by a powerful force, which reveals itself to be a little girl. When the girl goes to attack Cirk she is knocked back by some unseen, protective energy that surrounds him. Cirk quickly runs back to his kingdom, only to find it demolished, in flames and all his loved ones dead. Vowing for revenge, Cirk sets out on a journey to find out who killed his family and his entire kingdom.

Two pieces of concept art have been released:

The Last Story II
Cirk on the right, but who’s the girl?


The Last Story II
What power’s does Cirk possess?

Who wiped out En Rev? Who was that little girl? And what mysterious power does Cirk possess?

Check out the first teaser trailer for The Last Story II below:

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