oprainfall | Decision: Red Daze

oprainfall | Decision: Red Daze


Nordcurrent and FlyAnvil are excited to show off a brand new Decision: Red Daze trailer. The apocalyptic, isometric action RPG is set to land on Steam sometime in early 2022. Survivors must work together to fight back the Red Daze, a terrible bacterial disease. You’ll need to recruit other survivors to build your squad and your community. Shore up your defenses to hold off mutant hordes of undead monstrosities. The “Dust Bowl” is an unforgiving wasteland.

The brand new trailer shows off some of the central gameplay mechanics in Decision: Red Daze. Beyond that, it also provides a glimpse of the squad management and tower defense aspects of survival. Your safe haven’s existence depends on the strength of your squad and your defenses.


As the Red Daze ravages the continent, small bands of survivors are the only remaining hope for humanity. Should they fall, the future dies with them! Explore a huge map, recruit new allies, scavenge for vital resources, capture new settlements, build defenses, unleash brutal weapons on your enemies, and more. Decision: Red Daze puts the fate of mankind in your hands.

You are the last member of the Bears who still lives. After the rest of your unit was obliterated in the Dust Bowl, another group saved you. Having now become one of them, the fight continues in the Dust Bowl. This dusty wasteland is scorched by oppressive heat and haunted by zombies and mutants. It’s just another day in paradise! Maybe being the lone survivor of your unit wasn’t so lucky after all? Well, you can’t give up now, because the very existence of mankind rests on your shoulders. No pressure, just go save the entire world!


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