This week in the Nintendo Download, we have a pretty big featured section. Meanwhile, you can also now enter the MONSTER HUNTER amiibo Sweepstakes #2.

New Pokémon Snap just got free DLC adding new explorable areas and 20 new Pokémon. Explore and seek them out during both day and night.

Meanwhile, Mario Golf: Super Rush also got a free update, adding Toadette as a new playable character. Hit the new golf course, New Donk City, inspired by Super Mario Odyssey. Competitive players can also enjoy the new Ranked Match online mode.


Featured Games

Metroidvania adventure, Axiom Verge 2 ($17.99 | $19.99), has arrived on the switch. It takes place in the same universe as the original, while adding new characters, abilities, and gameplay.


We also have a unique dungeon crawler, Boyfriend Dungeon ($19.99). You’ve been tasked with clearing out the infestation of creatures in “the dunj”. As you begin this summer job, you soon discover that the weapons you find transform into… cuties!? Since you happen to be single, you can spend some of your earnings on romancing them. “A couple that slays together, stays together.”


Also out now is the indie adventure, Garden Story ($19.99). You are Concord, the youngest grape in the grove. As the new “Guardian of the Grove”, you’ll embark on a colorful island adventure. Can you stop the spreading rot and rebuild your home?


Next up are two driving/racing games. The first is art of rally ($24.99). From the creator behind Absolute Drift, it sees you race through stylized courses. Speed around 72 levels in Africa, Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, and Sardinia. You can also battle on the leaderboards in daily and weekly challenges.


The other featured driving game today is Road 96 ($19.96). This is a procedurally generated road trip adventure. Meet interesting characters, and uncover the stories and secrets behind them. There are also choices to be made along the way, which can affect you and other characters.


The narrative-driven graphic novel, FORECLOSED ($15.99 | $19.99) has also just arrived on the Switch. Evan Kapnos must escape before his identity and implants get sold to the highest bidder. His job, city Block-chain access, and brain implants are being stripped from him. Uncover a conspiracy in a cyberpunk city while unlocking new abilities via an RPG-style skill system.


Finally, we round out today’s featured games with the 2D side-scrolling adventure, Greak: Memories of Azur ($19.99). Help three siblings (Greak, Adara and Raydel) in the land of Azur. Use special abilities to escape the unfolding Urlag invasion. The adventure begins on August 17th.



Current Sales

The sales scene is quieting back down a bit for this week’s Nintendo Download.

The $25 off deal on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit sets from last week is now at Best Buy this week. Meanwhile, the Raji: An Ancient Epic 50% off sale ends this weekend.

Both Axiom Verge ($17.99 | $19.99) and Axiom Verge 2 ($17.99 | $19.99) are on sale to celebrate the launch of the latter.

Eastward ($22.49 | $24.99) is currently enjoying a 10% launch discount.

Finally, the largest featured sale item this week is the QuakeCon 2021 sale. It includes titles from the DOOM, Elder Scrolls, and Wolfenstein franchises discounted by up to 50%. The sale ends on August 23rd at 11:59 pm PT.

As always, check out Nintendo’s sales page for full details.


New eShop Titles

This Nintendo Download has a huge pile of new eShop games, so let’s jump right in:


























Text-based Adventure


Tower Defense


Visual Novels


Upcoming Games


Launching on August 16th, we have Volleyball Challenge ($4.99).

Following that, a pair of titles arrive on August 17th. They are the cooperative 3D platformer, Pile Up! Box by Box ($14.99) and the arcade classic Space Invaders Invincible Collection ($59.99).

Then we round out this section with a trio launching the following day, August 18th. The first is the adventure game, Out of Line ($11.69 | $12.99). Next is side-scrolling pixel art melded with roguelike game, Rogue Explorer ($7.99), and the unique RPG, Swords & Souls: Neverseen ($14.99).


That wraps up another Nintendo Download. Have fun out there!

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