JAST USA have released their third visual novel in partnership with Japanese developer Alcot, Onigokko! The game is out now on JAST USA, and J-List has Limited Edition physical release that will ship later, but you will get a key to use on JAST USA’s site as soon as you purchase. The digital version will set you back $31.49, this includes the launch discount. Those that want the Physical Release will have to spend a bit more at $69.99, but you get these goodies included: Game DVD, Special Wood Outer Box, Origami Set, A2 size Cloth Poster, Character Stickers and of course the Game DL code for JAST USA.

Here is a bit about Onigokko! from the press release:

On Miyajima Island, known for its mythical history, a phantom thief has arrived. Ura, known throughout the world as a cunning trickster, has his name is tarnished by an unknown foe masquerading as him. But on this island reside the Three Great families, descended from some of legend’s most storied heroes; Momotarou, Kintaro, and Otohime. These families work together to protect the Mystical Treasures and are sworn enemies of the phantom thief. Their youngest descendants, all high schoolers, have taken this oath and vowed to hunt down Ura.

The twist? They’re all schoolmates now!

Join Phantom Thief Ura as he seeks out his impostor and befriends his rivals in a story centuries in the making… and perhaps snag a few Mystical Treasures along the way!



Steve Baltimore
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