The Silver Case 2425 | Trailer Screenshot

The Silver Case 2425 | Trailer Screenshot

During today’s New Game Plus Expo stream, The Silver Case 2425 was announced for Nintendo Switch. It’s a dual game collection containing both The Silver Case and its sequel, The 25th Ward. Feel free to check out the announcement trailer down below. The Silver Case 2425 will be launching on July 6th 2021 in North America and July 9th 2021 for Europe, Australia and New Zealand. But keep in mind, it will be digital only in Australia and New Zealand.

About the Game

Solve cryptic puzzles and unravel dark truths in this dark duology of crime thrillers from SUDA51.

A Tale of Two Thrillers: Experience renowned game designer SUDA51’s take on crime thrillers, and dive into 2 tales filled with cryptic mysteries and seedy criminals.
The Silver Case: Inspired by classic adventure and visual-novel-style games, this unique gameplay experience leads the player through an in-depth story containing various puzzles, allowing you to uncover the truth piece by piece.
The 25th Ward: Follow the threads in a grim psychological thriller and discover the darkness at the heart of Kanto’s newly built 25th Ward in this long-lost sequel to The Silver Case.

For more information about The Silver Case 2425, check out the collection’s official website.

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