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Today Hapymaher, the Tale of Waking Nightmares has released exclusively on MangaGamer. This Purplesoft title will have you questioning if everything is dream or reality. Tohru Naitou is forced to experience lucid dreams when he rests, thus that question doesn’t have an easy answer for him. His only rest from the nightmare is exhaustion, a girl claims she can end them, but is she real or just another nightmare?

Lucid dreams.
Dreams where you know that you’re dreaming.
Starting after a certain accident, Tohru Naitou began to have nothing but lucid dreams.Sleep normally exists in order to rest peacefully. But he can no longer rest whether he’s asleep or awake. He can only rest when he collapses from utter exhaustion. He has a childhood friend who supports him and calls him ‘Nii-san’, Saki, a sempai from his science club who is amused by his awkward way of living, Yayoi, and an underclassman who sings in front of the station, Keiko, who calls him a weird sempai.

And tonight, Tohru dreams again. But this dream is different from those that came before. “Maia…? Why are you in my dream…?” A girl he hasn’t seen even once since he started having lucid dreams. Maia appears before him again. To Tohru, this is the very worst form she could take. But Maia isn’t the only one who appears. “I have to put an end to bad dreams here.” Saying that, a girl who calls herself Alice rescues Tohru. Alice says that she travels from dream to dream, and now she’s come to Tohru’s dream.What is this meeting the beginning of? The anxious Tohru can’t find an answer.

Maia whispers into his ear:

“This is the story of a sweet, happy nightmare.”

The game will set you back $44.95 and is fully uncensored.

Steve Baltimore
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