Today Idea Factory International has added some new character profile to the Neptunia Virtual Stars official website. These character profiles are for none other than our favorite Gamindustri Goddesses! That’s right its time to catch up with Noire, Blanc, Vert and Neptune to see how they will kick off this exciting spin off adventure.

Character Profiles:

Neptune is the main protagonist of the four Goddesses, and the Goddess of the Gamindustri nation of Planeptune.

This game might be a spin-off, but Neptune’s level of positivity in it is equal to that of a mainline title. She’s a bright, exuberant leader to those around her and really fills her role as the protagonist of all protagonists. As a lover of anime and the fine art of gaming, she is known to offer witticisms about the world around her.


Noire is the Goddess of the Gamindustri nation of Lastation. She is prideful, not often willing to let others know her true feelings. Her nature is antithetical to Neptune, towards whom she is usually cold. A textbook tsundere, through and through.


Blanc is the Goddess of the Gamindustri nation of Lowee. She loves to read, and doesn’t speak out of turn very much. However, she is short-tempered. When agitated, she becomes curt and unafraid to speak her mind. She and Vert are known to butt heads due to their… size difference.


Vert is the Goddess of the Gamindustri nation of Leanbox. Among the four Goddesses, she is the most mature, renowned in Gamindustri for her illustrious golden hair and her incredible… proportions. She has eloquence and poise, with a nurturing and kind aura. Truthfully, however, she is a hardcore gamer and a committed otaku.

You can find more information about the game over on the official website. Neptunia Virtual Stars will launch on the PlayStation 4 in 2021.


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