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Highway Blossoms: Next Exit | Tess

Highway Blossoms: Next Exit is out and I’m incredibly happy to see it. Let me explain, before I even started typing away for this website there was one visual novel I loved. I think you can guess the name if you’re on this article. To clarify, yes I’m talking about the original Highway Blossoms. A game that has seen a remastering and now a surprising new story. Highway Blossoms was my first English visual novel and it holds a very special place in my heart. In fact, it’s the main reason why I chased down Studio Élan for my first few articles. Highway Blossoms is this beautiful, comedic and all-around perfect package that I would tell everyone to go read. No, seriously, go support the developers right now. The base game is $13 and the DLC is $8.50. Buy it now and go on a road trip unlike any other.

So where are we going now in Highway Blossoms: Next Exit?

Return to Las Vegas with Amber and Marina in this new Highway Blossoms story! A couple months after the events of the first game, the two girls return to the desert city for an alien-themed convention and to see Tess for her birthday. They also end up reuniting with Cassi, the candy shop girl, who’s determined to start following her own dreams.

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