Street Fighter V |Vega

With the release of Street Fighter V in North America, Europe and Japan next week for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, Capcom keeps rushing us down with a mounting series of introduction videos.  This time up, we get a closer look at the so called ‘Spanish ninja’ Vega, who series veterans will recognize as a Street Fighter mainstay. Visually, the Shadaloo sub-boss looks mostly the same as in previous versions except for that stylish white silk shirt.

The interesting thing about Vega in Street Fighter V is that he will have two separate fighting styles, one for using a claw and one for going bare knuckle. The claw stance will be for zoning and poking, whereas the weaponless form will be for players that want to overwhelm their opponent with combos and constant offense. This is an interesting addition to the character, who has always fought exactly the same whether he had his signature claw firmly in his grasp or not (in previous versions in the game, blocking too often resulted in dropping his claw and mask, which could both be recovered by the Vega player by scooping them up off the ground). Take a look at the introduction video to learn more about how it’s a whole new game for our favorite psychotic masked world warrior.

Street Fighter V will be available on February 16, 2016 in North America and Europe and on February 18, 2016 in Japan, playable on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.


Tom Tolios
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