Angelic Waves

Angelic Waves Key

The visual novel Angelic Waves currently has a Kickstarter campaign up. At the time of writing it has 27 days to go and has received over $1,400 of its $3,151 goal. For those are interested there is a demo available. Here’s a description of the plot from the game’s Kickstarter page.

“This is the story of the MC, Maxwell Cross, an out-of-love person who barely has a social life, got a slight anxiety problem and lives in a small apartment. One day, three new neighbours moved into the luxury suite two floors above his.

In the lobby of the apartment, Maxwell Cross meets Geline, a woman with long-blonde hair and good-girl personality. After a short talk, they’re greeted by Roya, a cool-looking girl with short hair, along with a bubbly girl named Anabelle. 

Many days to weeks pass by as Maxwell gets along with the girls, he’ll start to develops feelings for them, but as a dating sim and visual novel game, you must choose one girl to date. When the relationship deepens with whom you’ve chosen, a secret that changes your life forever is unveiled.”

The campaign will run until September 3. You can take a full look at its Kickstarter page below.


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