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oprainfall | Banner of the Maid


Pre-orders have now opened for the Nintendo Switch version of Banner of the Maid. As we’ve reported before, the SRPG is coming to consoles a bit later this month. In it, players will experience an alternate French Revolution for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 systems on August 12th. Nabbing a copy will set you back $16.99. It should be noted here that a release date for the Xbox One version still has not been revealed. In fact, the latest press release doesn’t even mention that version. Banner of the Maid is also already available on Steam if you’d prefer to play on your PC. Here is the Nintendo Switch version gameplay trailer:


They also previously announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Banner of the Maid runs at 60 frames per second at a 720p resolution. On the other hand, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions both run at a resolution of 1080p, according to the previous press release.

Here is a summary of the game from our previous coverage:

Banner of the Maid is an SRPG (strategy role-playing game) taking place in an alternate, fantasy French Revolution. It has been widely applauded as one of the best titles in the genre for the year. It originally launched in May 2019 in China, followed by a fully localized English version in the West on February 14th. Its next step is to finally arrive on consoles.

Banner of the Maid players will take on the role of young officer Pauline Bonaparte to lead her troops to victory. Her dynamic, turn-based battles will take place in the tricky political landscape of Paris. Pauline is not just an officer, but also a Maid (one of the fabled women who possess mysterious powers that can turn the tides of battle). Players will experience a deep story full of twists and fantasy, where the fate of the revolution rests on your shoulders.

You will lead your troops through dynamic environments including over 30 types of terrain like plains, cities, snowy mountains, and more. Your army will face changes in the weather, like fog and snow, which may force you to adapt your strategy. Your generals include over 30 rich characters, including historical figures such as Desaix, Murat and Lannes. They each have their own skills and backgrounds, which they can improve through experience. To uncover their stories, players will need to talk to them and gain their trust. That trust will help you reach your full potential, as you dive into quests and challenges to win political favor or funds to improve your army. However, your actions have consequences, so consider them carefully!

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