oprainfall | Alchemist Adventure

oprainfall | Alchemist Adventure

Brazilian developer Bad Minions and publisher Super.com have unveiled Alchemist Adventure. The game is currently available in Steam Early Access. According to the press release, it is also coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in the fourth quarter of this year. The Steam Early Access version of the game includes the first act of the story (out of four). The next three acts will release during the remainder of its development in Early Access, and eventually lead up to the planned full launch in Q4 2020.

In this fantasy adventure, players take on the role of Mya, a young alchemist who has awakened in a strange place. She has no memory of how she got there. Now she and her homunculus companion are in search of her loved ones. As she explores the land of Isur, whose peaceful beauty belies its danger, she will use Alchemy to aid her. This skill allows her to create the potions, elixers, bombs and more that she needs in her quest. There are many mysteries to uncover in this abandoned world, and plenty of awful monsters in her way. Here is the trailer:


In ages past, this land was a capital of the region and a triving trade port. It was ruled by the Seven Master Alchemists (very intelligent, but dangerous alchemists). Now, only an empty, ruined landscape remains. During her quest, Mya will use the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth in her alchemy. By combining these elements with various ingredients found in the world, the power of alchemy will help her transform terrain, solve alchemy puzzles, and boost her abilities. For example, she may change water levels, move walls or objects, create ice bridges, and even command lightning! Players have a lot of freedom in creating potions and things, as there are no predefined recipes.

In Alchemist Adventure, players can explore the land of Isur in both single player and cooperative multiplayer. They’ll travel through unique locations like dungeons and a factory nestled inside a volcano! Each comes with its own challenges and enemies to overcome, as you uncover lore and hidden secrets. The enemies you encounter each have their own elemental weaknesses to use to your advantage. You can find out more about Alchemist Adventure at its official website or on the Steam page. Below are a handful of screenshots to check out:


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