It’s a wonderful thing when niche and cool storefronts collide. I recently wrote about how I’m fond of Super Rare Games, especially since they produce limited physical prints of great Switch titles. And while some of those titles have been pretty well known, such as the SteamWorld games, others are far more niche. One such title is going to be up for sale next week, and it’s one near and dear to my heart. That game is by La Moutarde, and it’s called Old School Musical.

Old School Musical | Super Rare Games

I had the privilege of reviewing Old School Musical a while back, and was utterly delighted by how creative and unique of a rhythm experience it provided. Not only that, but it has absurd humor in spades, not to mention lots of angry chickens. I promise it makes sense, kind of. What matters though is that Old School Musical is an utter delight. Not only does it feature an expansive story mode with laughs galore, it references and parodies all sorts of game genres with tremendous tunes. Better yet, this edition of the game features all the DLC tracks that came out previously.

Old School Musical | Familiar

Per usual, this Super Rare Games edition of Old School Musical also has some nifty trading cards, a sticker and manual. Those particular trading cards are extra crazy, but the best one is obviously the shirtless man dancing. You’ll see him if you get far enough into the kingdom of evil chickens! Honestly, if you’re a fan of retro and music games, you need to check out Old School Musical. It’s fun digitally, but who doesn’t prefer a physical edition? It will get 4000 copies printed starting July 30th, and preorders open at 10AM PT. For more details, just read below!

About Old School Musical

What has 50 amazing chiptune tracks, a loony story mode, 32 different chicken types to fight, and takes you on a tour of all your favourite retro games? It’s Old School Musical, of course!

Tib and Rob are the heroes of a wacky adventure that will teach them where all of the bugs in our favourite games come from.

Old School Musical | Mega Fun

Have you ever played a rhythm game before? Well, this is like that, but much better! With each note, you are responsible for the success of our two heroes’ quest. Swing your sword and shoot with your spacecraft to the beat of chiptune tracks from Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko and Le Plancton.

Old School Musical | Chicken Republic

? 50 chiptune tracks on the base game, with DLC included on the cart

? Awesome chiptune guests including Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko, and Le Plancton

? A story mode with 20 nutty levels

? Chock-full of video game references – can you recognise them all?

? A multiplayer mode with up to 4 players

? Chickens!

Old School Musical | Into the Sunset

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