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It should be no surprise that I’m writing about KUNAI, since I covered it recently at PAX West. I quickly became a fan after playing it, since it’s a colorful and very different sort of Metroidvania. Developed by Turtle Blaze and set to be published by The Arcade Crew (of Blazing Chrome fame), KUNAI has me very excited. Especially since it’s coming to PC and Nintendo Switch. But if you’re still not convinced, perhaps you will be soon. A new combat oriented trailer for KUNAI is below, along with the press release about the pending date. Though I would prefer a specific month, I’ll take early 2020. Stay tuned to oprainfall for more info about the game as it hits.

KUNAI Confirmed to Adorably & Efficiently Lay Waste to Robot Fools
on Nintendo Switch, PC Early 2020

New gameplay from jumpy stabby techroidvania showcases swift baddie-scrapping action

PARIS – Oct. 16, 2019 – Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer TurtleBlaze announced today that the adorable but deadly KUNAI is set to unleash seriously cute damage on your PC and Switch devices in early 2020. Dropping all-new gameplay footage, fans can get a look at the various weaponry and moves that will be at their disposal as they slice and stab their way through a hellish but aesthetically pleasing warscape.

An adventure best explored through ninja-tier parkour and best survived with razor sharp combat reflexes, KUNAI is a warrior’s delight. Right off the bat players have ample opportunities to reduce enemies to scrap metal while swinging on ropes across chasms, dashing up walls to lofty goals, and dropping in on unsuspecting targets.

KUNAI | Bang bang

In KUNAI, players dish out swift death as Tabby, an emotive, tablet-powered hero infused with an ancient warrior’s soul. Tabby is resuscitated and rebooted in the midst of a futuristic war between AI robots gone wrong. Humanity is on the brink of extinction thanks to a famed inventor’s botched AI creation, and Tabby sets out to solve things as any handheld consumer electronic warrior hybrid would: with heaps of violence.

With vertical and horizontal level design aimed at keeping you on your toes, navigating the fast-paced world in KUNAI is engaging, challenging, and immensely rewarding. Slicing baddies and soaring through KUNAI’s sprawling areas with Tabby is a joyous escape, and toppling the land’s merciless bosses in all-out showdowns is thrilling.

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