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NekoNyan | Senren Banka Title Screen

Extraordinary visual novel publisher, NekoNyan, unveils the latest set of updates for upcoming projects. To clarify, there’s a lot of information to process so hopefully you’ll read the entire post. First, the long-awaited Yuzusoft classic Senren*Banka will finally release on Valentine’s Day. It will provide several potential readers like myself a heartwarming activity for the dreadful day. In case you didn’t know, a demo is currently available on the Steam page. Please consider trying it out before deciding to buy, or if you’re impatient like me. In addition to this amazing bomb, Making Lovers is fully translated and edited! The romance project from Smee will go into testing soon. Furthermore, Hello Lady is nearing completion. You may track their progress through NekoNyan’s progress page.

Project updates are nice but what’s new? Well, if you must know, NekoNyan’s first title is coming to Nintendo Switch. You may be able to read Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ with all of its content soon. In addition, a complete edition for PC has been announced. No exact time frame for the release but exciting nonetheless. Now for the two secret projects. I hope you’re a sincere fan of Yuzusoft works. If you are that’s good because we’re getting both Dracu-Riot and Riddle Joker! The former is a result of an agreement with Sekai Project, and is currently on the way to a new engine. No release date at this time. After some apparent teasing from the Discord server, Riddle Joker is westbound. No word at this moment regarding it’s translation status. However, a very exciting time to be aboard the NekoNyan and Yuzusoft hype train. More news to come soon and another piece will be inbound as soon as they deliver more information.

What’s Dracu-Riot about?

“Time to lose our virginity!” (For the right price)

Welcome to the Special Administrative Region “Aqua Eden”, an artificial island off the coast of Japan where casinos and brothels are legal.

A young man heads to the island with one goal in mind: “I’m gonna get laid and lose my v-card!”

His unwitting friend and our protagonist, Mutsura Yuuto, came along under the assumption that it would be a simple, fun vacation. However, on the very first day of their trip, Yuuto witnesses a kidnapping. Unable to overlook this transgression, Yuuto takes matters into his own hands, setting off a chain of events that would lead to his becoming of a vampire!

Now, our newly fanged hero finds himself confined to the city. Unbeknownst to him, there is only just beginning.

In the midnight city of the future, vampires wandering its moonlit streets, Yuuto’s unforgettable new nightlife is about to begin.

This is the story of a city a utopian vision-one where humans and vampires are allowed to coexist.

What about Riddle Joker?

For decades, superpowers and psychic abilities were thought to be mere science fiction, but the discovery of a certain particle called the “astron” at the end of the 20th century proved to the world that these wondrous phenomenon were real. Nowadays, these abilities have been dubbed “astral abilities”, with those who can wield them being known as “Astrals”.

Arihara Satoru is but an ordinary person living in this futuristic world.

However, beneath that guise, he’s actually a secret agent working for an organization that uses Astrals.

One day, he receives a new mission:

Pose a a student and infiltrate a famous academy for Astrals.

After successfully transferring into the academy together with his sister Arihara Nanami, he settles into his new life there, meeting new friends like his classmates Mitsukasa Ayase and Nijouin Hazuki, and his upperclassman Shikibe Mayu, among others.

Everything is going according to plan . Not a single person suspects him. Until an unfortunate accident leads to Mitsukasa Ayase finding out his true identity! And in that situation, he also learns that she has her own big secret… HER BREASTS ARE ACTUALLY PADDED!

With that, a boy and a girl both learn each other’s most deepest secret. But little do they know, this fateful encounter will greatly change the course of their lives…


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