NekoNyan has already announced at ton of Visual Novel Goodness heading our way, but the good news didn’t stop with the first batch of announcements. The team will also be bringing us from developer Saga Planets their award-winning title Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche, Hooksoft’s 17th project the beautiful IxSHE Tell and Alcot’s beloved title Clover Day’s! The addition of these titles make their already impressive lineup just simply amazing.!

Here is some information, screenshot and more straight from NekoNyan.

we’ll start with Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche:

If you like blonde hair, this is a must-play game for you. Protagonist Ouro is thrust into a new world when he “rescues” a blonde-haired girl from danger—then discovers that she is actually the princess of a European country named Sortilège!? The end result is that he is forced to attend Noble Private Academy—along with the princess and her friends—and more. With a cast of heroines who all have hearts of gold, join Ouro at Noble Private Academy! Kinkoi is also currently 40% translated and 12% edited!

Next up we have IxShe tell:

Our protagonist Hajime is the Student Council President of Kenseikan Academy, a school that has had a ban on romantic relationships for over a century—until today, when he succeeds in eliminating that rule, allowing students to enter romantic relationships at last! As the hero of the school, Hajime now finds himself as the object of affection of multiple girls! Join our hero as he is confessed to, and as he lives his life as the hero of the school and the target of many girls’ affection! IxShe tell is currently 45% Translated and 45% Edited, and is the previously unannounced Secret Project 5!

Last but not least Clover Day’s:

Bottled-up emotions…
An everlasting oath…
Heartfelt desires…
An enduring regret…

And a childhood promise.

Yuuto was abandoned by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Britain before a trading merchant by the name of Takakura Yoshiomi adopted him and brought him to Japan.

He could barely speak the language, but he had the support and love of his two new sisters, the cheery yet shy Anzu, and the calm, collected Anri.
During his time in elementary school, he also made new friends: the ingenuous and kind Tsubame, and the ostentatious but guarded Izumi.

They were young and oblivious to love back then. They laughed together, cried together, and nurtured irreplaceable bonds with one another.

Ten years later…

The landscape of the town has changed, and so have they.

Yet some things never do change, no matter how much time passes.

“Do you still remember the promise we made that day?”

Ten years ago, during their childhood, there was another pair of twins that they all played with.
Hekiru and Hikaru reappear and the emotions that have since frozen in time are now rekindled.

This marks the beginning of their resplendent time together, their “Clover Days.”

That’s all the NekoNyan announcements for now. They have certainly given us Visual Novel fans a lot to look forward to!

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